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Kenya: Consultancy for Samburu, Isiolo Conservation Area (SICA) Tourism Revenue Model Review

05.22.2013 · Posted in NGO / Non Profit Jobs

Organization: African Wildlife Foundation
Country: Kenya
Closing date: 31 May 2013

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is an international conservation organization working in
large landscapes across the African continent. Through AWF’s Conservation Enterprise
program, the organization has been supporting the development and management of
conservation enterprises across its area of operation through various capacity building programs.
AWF’s Conservation Enterprise strategy demonstrates that local organizations and communities
can undertake business ventures that support both their livelihoods and wildlife conservation.

AWF is currently implementing the Integrated Biodiversity, Conservation and Sustainable Natural
Resource Use for Human and Economic Benefit program in Kenya. One of the objectives under this
program is To advocate for and scale-up integrated conservation and livelihood impact
across Kenya through engagement of key stakeholders, sharing lessons learned, and
dissemination of successful AWF tools and methodologies. The Samburu and Isiolo
Conservation Area (SICA) complex is a critical component of the Samburu Landscape. SICA
includes Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Reserves and neighbouring community
conservancies. SICA’s joint management plan which includes Tourism Development and
Management as one of the key Management programmes has been completed and adopted by
the local authorities of Samburu and Isiolo Counties. With its implementation, it is envisaged
that one way to increase economic benefits from tourism to the authorities and their constituents
would be to increase revenues being received from the reserves entry fees and tourism fees
through bed nights and land lease fees. A consultant is therefore required to undertake a review
of the current tourism facilities’ revenue generation models to these local authorities and
compare it with similar facilities in Kenya and where possible in the region.

Consultancy Description
AWF as a supporting agent of SICA management is looking for a consultant to carry out a
comparative tourism revenue generation model review for use by SICA’s management. The
study will compare revenue tariffs locally and regionally of similar tourism facilities under local
authorities and central government. The SICA management will use recommendations from this
study to negotiate with tourism and other business operators seeking to benefit from SICA. This
will ensure agreed fees tariffs are consistent with present trends nationally and regionally, and
that the fees are of sufficient size (amounts) to ensure protection, management and sustainable
utilization of SICA’s natural resources.

The Consultant shall use a participatory approach and engage relevant stakeholders, carry out an
in-depth analysis of tourism facilities in and around the game reserves and where possible review
lease and concession agreements and fees, and document findings that inform recommendations for use by SICA. Based on the analysis, the consultant shall propose viable possible alternatives
for revenue generation from existing and future facilities in SICA.

Scope of Work:
The consultant shall work closely with AWF staff to:
i. Conduct an in-depth analysis of the tourism facilities agreement models in and
around the game reserves and document findings that inform recommendations for
use by SICA. Analysis should incorporate;:
a. Reviewing and documenting existing facilities and services being offered
b. Analysis of general terms/forms, fees and conditions of agreements in place
c. Compare with similar facilities in Kenya and the region
d. Review fees and other benefits derived by local authorities from the facilities
e. Document weaknesses and other challenges in the current system and set up
ii. Design potential interventions and programs based on analysis, including potential
costs for the interventions
iii. Identify potential partner organizations to support this implementation.

Expected Outputs and Deliverables:
The Consultant shall produce the following:
i. A detailed report with recommendations for implementation by SICA’s management and
County Governments.
ii. List of potential organizations and their role to support SICA in implementing the

Required Qualifications and Experiences:
i. A Masters level degree qualification in tourism, marketing, business management or
related relevant field(s) with at least 5 years’ working experience in the tourism,
marketing and conservation sectors.
ii. Considerable consultancy experience in tourism, marketing, research and development in
the targeted conservation or similar areas.
iii. Knowledge and understanding of tourism and its relation to conservation.
iv. Excellent interpersonal skills.

Requirements to the Proposal:
The proposal, to be submitted in English, shall include:
A. A technical proposal incorporating;
i. A short description of deliverables, clear work plan (dates and activities) with a proposed
methodology and which shall include full justification for procedures to be adopted;
ii. Detailed CV including experience relevant to this assignment;
v. Excellent communication skills, including business writing skills in English.
iii. At least three referees for similar or related work done
B. A financial proposal indicating fees for the consultancy, including all costs to conduct
this assignment (this should indicate man-days and fees including VAT)
Note: Individual consultants are also encouraged to apply.

AWF’s Resources and Responsibility:
AWF is viewing this consultancy as a “fee for deliverable” consultancy, in which AWF shall pay
a fixed fee for the outputs identified above. The consultancy fee indicated in the proposal
should cover all costs related to the completion of this consultancy, including all travel costs and
AWF assumes that any consultant or firm submitting a proposal has the requisite approvals to
work in country.
AWF shall provide access to relevant project materials necessary for purposes of the assignment.

How to apply:

Proposals should be submitted electronically to:

Carlo Chege
Program Manager, Conservation Enterprise
African Wildlife Foundation
Deadline for proposal submission is 31st May 2013

AWF reserves the right to contract before deadline if a suitable consultant is
No phone calls please.

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